keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2011

Krakow by day - and what a day!

I change the language into English for this one blog post in order to let my new EU-friends, Alvaro, Chris, Roberta, Karolina and Barbara know what was I doing at the same time as they were sweating at the workshops of SIMFO. So, what was I doing? I was enjoying myself. Immensely.

I walked around the old town of Krakow and let my camera sing the praise of beautiful Krakow.

And here are some of the snaps, please feel to enjoy them, afterwards:

Church of St. Mary

Towers in Old Town

Intrigueing statue at the Old Town Square

Horse-buggy at the Old Town Square

A girl in a buggy

Hall of the Old Cloth Factory

A room with a view

Children all over

A woman peering

I see something in the lamp. Do you see it too?

Pan playing his pipes

So white it almost hurts to look at it

A girl playing with her dog

Reflections from a window

A sign that brings back memories

Life at street cafes

A living statue

So, I had a very interesting and fulfilling afternoon. But I did not forget you working at the conference. In the Old Town Square there was a huge tent full of EU material and information. And when I enter it, what do I see...

EU tent

But isn´t that my husband on the screen?!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. It does not take a clair voyant to quess that there will a whole lot more to come.  But before unloading them from a camera there are other more important priorities: A mojito is calling!  So bye for now...

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