maanantai 27. kesäkuuta 2011

An open letter to Anna

Dear Anna,

here I am, at Võsu. It is evening, a beautiful evening after an equally beautiful day. Like I imagine all days in Võsu are.

I am sitting in the big hall downstairs, the room that was to be our living-room. There is fire in the fireplace, not so much because there needs to be one. I just love it, its sound and the light it projects on the walls. Added with a few candles, and  the atmosphere of the room makes me very tranquil, even happy.

This is an open letter to you because you are the reason I am here at the moment. You and your family are the first guests that I am having in my dream-house. I only hope you are not the last ones. However, I try to make the house as comfortable and functional as possible for your stay.

I call the house Huvikumpu. Which is the Finnish name for the house of Pippi Långstrump (in English Pippi Longstocking), the heroine in Swedish author Astrid Lindgren's books.The house is called in Swedish Villa Villekulla.

I don't know if the Pippi books are familiar to you - they tell a story of an unconventional young lady, Pippi, who lives in a dream-house together with her horse and her monkey. Pippi has incredible powers and she is afraid of nothing.

Some people, good friends, have called me Pippi. Because they think that I am, like Pippi, courageous with a tendency to everyday anarchy. I don't know about that.

Yet, Huvikumpu (or Villa Villekulla) is a good name for the house where Pippi might have liked to have lived.

But let us come back to your stay here and let's put aside the literary romance of the house.

I came here on Saturday. And the first thing I did was to buy a washing machine for you . It is now in the boiler room and waits for someone to put it into action. Kimmo promised to come and connect all the necessary in-coming and out-going hoses to make it functional. So this means one worry less for you.

I also bought you a hoover and an iron, as you asked for. However there is no ironing-board, so you have to be a little innovative and use a towel and a table to do your ironing.

Yesterday evening I just wandered along the beach and inhaled the sea wind, full of salt and stories of old mariners. There are a few photos of people enjoying the late hours at Võsu beach: here.

Today I have been industrious. And have completed most of the things I came here to do. And now, in the evening I must say, that I am reasonably happy with the results. I believe, or at least I hope, that you will, too.

Here are some photos of your future abode for the entire month of July:

Firstly your own bedroom, the big bedroom next to the kitchen:

Unfortunately there is no wardrobe for you, but I have put there a horizontal bar with hangers, where you can hang all your clothes. There will also be a temporary chest of drawers with three shelves for your things. (Not in pictures since it is still in Otepää.)

Another picture of your future bedroom - there is one small bed-side table for your things.

Next to the big bedroom there is the big hall. There are two beds similar to the ones in the bedroom. I have sent you photos of them.

Today I also placed  two mattresses in the tower room next to the big hall. I thought that the children might find it exciting to sleep in the tower room, even if the beds are in Japanese style, on the floor. I would, but then again, I am a little Pippi, or at least slightly unconventional.

Two beds in the tower room of the first floor.

Then there are two separate apartments, with four beds in each. Also cookers and fridges and toilets and showers. I have tried my best to equip them with all the things needed for a comfortable living.

I include a few photos of them:

Let's go to the second apartment that is basically identical with this one. The kitchens are more or less the same. Both have one bed downstairs and three upstairs.

And then, in the end, a closer look at the kitchens. There are pots and pans, salad bowls, knives,  spoons and other utilities one might need . I don't say they are ideal kitchens, but at least I personally could live using them.

So, sweet Anna, this is what I managed to create for you in a short span of time. I hope, I truly hope, that you find your stay comfortable and that you will enjoy your holiday.

Perhaps I would not have done it for anyone else, you and your family are special. It is truly and fantastically incredible that your family has spent its holidays in Võsu for four generations. -- You have a connection like no other.

And  last but not least - to avoid any misunderstandings from the readers of this blog - you are paying me good money for your holiday.

I now hope that you get your money's worth!

Welcome to Huvikumpu aka Villa Villekulla, Pippi's home!

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mm kirjoitti...

Ihmeellistä katsoa, kuinka paljon olette saaneet aikaan.
Vietin aikaani nyt tovin seurassanne ja vaeltelin kanssanne kesäkuun tunnelmissa. Vanhasta sanonnasta haluan sanoa vain puolet:

Hope for the best. At least, that is what you are giving to your customers... with your heart.

Tiina Linkama kirjoitti...

mm - tänään satoi taivaasta höyheniä, hiljaa, arvokkaasti. Neljä viisi lumivalkoista höyhentä hitaasti leijui alas kun katsoin surullisena ikkunasta ulos. Katsoin taivaalle, eikä siellä näkynyt lintuja.

Ajattelin että ehkä enkeli oli lentänyt talon yli.

Ja illalla sain viestin joka saattaa muuttaa kaiken Võsun suhteen. Joka antaa toivoa!

Rummun iskä ja äiskä kirjoitti...

It looks so nice and cosy.

Jospa enkeli toi Sinulle hyviä uutisia.
Toivomme niin kovasti.